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Visit Myanmar for Some Exotic Holiday Thrill


If you have thought of paying a visit to Southeast Asia, you probably had your eyes on Singapore, Hong Kong or Thailand. As much as these destinations are amazing in their own way, you should pass by Myanmar if you would like to incorporate some exotic experience to your holiday to myanmar tour. Quite simply you need to include Myanmar in your holiday plan. This is because Hong Kong and Singapore are cosmopolitan nations. They have been modernized just like some European and American cities.  Some regions of  Singapore or Hong Kong would leave you feeling like you never left your home country. You can still appreciate some dim sum and some original cuisine there.  However, if you want to mix this up a bit with the addition of wonderful and exotic adventure as you swing through Southeast Asia, consider adding  Myanmar holiday in your itinerary.


It Does Not Get Any More Exotic Than Mandalay


The cultural hub of Myanmar is Mandalay. So if you reach in Yangon, the capital and think that it looks like any other city in Southeast Asia, when you get to Mandalay that it when you discover that your visit to Myanmar is worth it. Mandalay is the place to be if you are seeking to come face to face with the rare and majestic features. Mandalay, being a pre-colonial capital of Myanmar,  has many roads, buildings and even components which harken back to a  pre-Western way of life. It feels more like walking through a living museum. It is a beautiful glimpse into an exotic civilization.


Bask in the Ancient Mystique of Bagan


The Bagan city and Bagan plain is a sight to behold.  It can be captivating because this was the capital city of Myanmar when  Myanmar was a regional geopolitical player in Southeast Asia. Bagan is the pilgrimage capital of Myanmar due to numerous religious structures and its temple complexes. During your Southeast Asia trip, make a point of stopping over at Bagan since it will make your trip worthwhile.


Have Fun Exploring During Your Myanmar Holiday


While travel through Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong will provide you a flavor of this exotic and unfamiliar adventure, Myanmar will make you go all in and enjoy an entirely exotic adventure. Myanmar is a country that was reopened recently, and you are going to enjoy a fascinating journey through a relatively pristine and uncommercialized country, making your trip worth the time, effort and cost. When it comes to yangon tour, Myanmar is the best place to be!